VBS 2019

June 17-21

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We are roundin’ up all children ages 4 to 18 for Vacation Bible School at Calvary Baptist Church. Gather up your posse, hitch you wagons, and giddy on over June 17-21 for a great time with old and new friends! VBS starts at 9:00 am each weekday and ends around 12:30 pm. We also have a very special commencement ceremony for families to attend with their kids on Friday at 7:00 pm. Preregistration will be available, so keep an eye out for that information coming to you. We look forward to seeing you there. YEEEEHAAAWW!!

VBS Registration

We are happy to offer for the first time online registration! You may register your children ahead of Vacation Bible School by using the form below. Come back to this page and fill out a form for each child you intend to register. Alternatively, you may download the registration form in order to print it and bring it with you to your first day of VBS. Also, registration forms will be on hand at VBS as usual and may be completed on site by a parent or guardian.

Important Notice: Your Child’s Safety Is Extremely Important To Us. Therefore, anyone picking up your child from Vacation Bible School must have a VALID STATE OR FEDERAL IDENTIFICATION AND BE LISTED IN THE PICKUP AUTHORIZATION OF THE REGISTRATION FORM in order for us to release your child to their care.

Online Registration

If you register your child online, we only require a parent or guardian signature on the printed version the first day of Vacation Bible School that your child is able to attend. You do not have to bring a registration form with you if you complete the online version.

Child's Name *
Child's Name
Child's Date of Birth *
Child's Date of Birth
Parent/Guardian Name *
Parent/Guardian Name
Address *
Primary Phone Number *
Primary Phone Number
Secondary Phone Number
Secondary Phone Number
Emergency Contact's Name
Emergency Contact's Name
If different than parent/guardian
Primary Phone Number
Primary Phone Number
Secondary Phone Number
Secondary Phone Number
Pickup authorization *
Pickup authorization
List the names of those who are authorized to pick-up your child after the daily events of VBS have concluded. Those who are authorized to pick-up your child must present valid identification in order for your child to be released into their control. If you give permission for your child to walk home, please type "walk" in the first and last name of the first entry below.
Please list your child’s allergies and/or any medication your child may need to carry. (Understand that representatives of Calvary Baptist Church will not administer any medication, but we need to be aware if any child will have medication with him.)
By clicking "I Agree" at the bottom of this form, I authorize the leadership of Calvary Baptist Church to care for the administration of first aid treatment for any minor injuries my child receives during the event. If the injury sustained is life threatening, or in need of emergency treatment, I authorize the leadership of Calvary Baptist Church to summon any or all professional emergency personnel to attend, transport and treat my child. I agree not to hold any staff, assistants, and volunteer workers of Calvary Baptist Church liable for any and all claims, suits, and actions of any kind whatsoever, arising from their exercise of the power granted by this authorization.
Optionally, you may list the insurance information for your child in the space below. Please include the name of the Insurance Company and the policy number.
We ask that cell phones or other personal electronics not be brought to Vacation Bible School. However, if a student needs to bring their cell phone, Calvary Baptist Church and/or its staff is not responsible for any lost or damaged devices due to a child’s negligence or any other situation. If the usage of a device is abused, the child may be asked to surrender the device to a worker, who will return the device after VBS has concluded. I give Calvary Baptist Church permission to use my child’s picture on the church’s printed material, website, or social media. I understand that if I give notice to the webmaster that I object to any picture on the website or social media, that it will be removed as soon as possible. By clicking "I Agree" at the bottom of this form, I agree to the Personal Electronic Waiver and give consent to the Photo Release policy.