VBS 2019 Day Two: A Soul Is Saved


Praise the Lord that we have been able to plant the Gospel seed in many hearts so far this week and we were able to see the first soul saved today! It is our joy just to be able to share the good news of salvation to so many children (we had 122 children today!), and it is a great joy also to see a child come to know Christ as Savior and secure his home in Heaven. Praise the Lord for His goodness!

During the week, all of the children have been working in art class on their very own covered wagon. Yesterday they built the wagons, and today they decorated. The art teachers have are working hard to help the students make great projects to take home. The students are always very creative, and we look forward to what they will make tomorrow.

There is still time to join us if your kids have not yet come! And please be in prayer as we continue the week. Let us know if you would like to help for a day!