Vacation Bible School: Day 5

The Lord greatly blessed us this last day also. We had great attendance as we enjoyed the special rides and foods of the fun day! We also hosted the parents Friday night for the commencement program. The auditorium was filled to watch the campers sing songs and praise the Lord. Throughout the week, we saw eleven children saved, and we were able to raise nearly $1,500.00 to help the Murray family! Praise the Lord for the work He accomplished!

The following video, which was shown on Friday, summarizes the week.

Vacation Bible School: Day 4

Another fantastic day is behind us as we approach the final day of Camp Moose on the Loose! We reached yet another high attendance today, having 141 campers! 

The most important news first: seven campers accepted Christ as their Savior today! This is exactly what this work is all about! Decisions like this makes every tiring bit more than worth while.

The campers and workers also continued to generously give in offerings for the Murray family. The competition between the girls and the boys stays close, with the girls ahead just five dollars! Praise the Lord that He placed on the heart of these campers and staffers to give so generously.

We also hosted our first sailboat race. During their sports time, the campers raced the boats they had been working on this week in craft time.

What a great week we have enjoyed so far. We look forward to tomorrow's conclusion and the biggest day of the week! Hope to see you at the program!

Vacation Bible School: Day 3

We are now officially over half way through the week, and the attendance continued to grow! Today we reached a new high of 131 campers! Everyone had a great time today finishing their boat projects, learning about the forgiveness of Jesus, singing their songs, and winning prizes!

Please continue to pray as we finish the week. We look forward to how the Lord will continue to bless!


Campers enjoyed playing outside during their sports time.


Music class gives campers a time to learn new songs about God's love and forgiveness.


Campers filled the auditorium in preparation of the day.

Vacation Bible School: Day 2

Another great day at Camp Moose on the Loose is behind us, only three more to go! The week is just flying by! Today, we welcomed 125 students! They continued in their lessons learning of God's love and forgiveness through the story of Zacchaeus! There is still time to join us at Vacation Bible School!


Campers continued to work on their sailboats for the big race on Thursday. Awards will be given for speed and design.


Every morning campers at Camp Moose on the Loose march in to the auditorium to start the day!

Vacation Bible School: Day 1!

VBS has taken off on a running start! We were excited to welcome to Camp Moose on the Loose this morning 115 children on our first day!! Each class had a great time playing, learning, and working on their boats in craft time. This year, each student will get to decorate and race their very own sailboat! The students decorate the boats in craft time and will race them on Thursday during their outside time. Each class will have separate winners for speed and for design of their boats.

God was so good to us today for the great weather and even greater participants of Day one! We look forward to tomorrow and seeing everyone again, hopefully with a new friend to join them.

Please continue to pray for Vacation Bible School. We need your prayers as we continue to serve the Lord and strive to be a blessing to each family represented!